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Jess never liked exercise. It wasn’t because of the activity itself. It was because she lived in fear that others would judge her for doing it incorrectly, or for looking silly. Ultimately, this stemmed from having no self confidence.

As she became older, Jess realised that the only thing that made her feel better about herself was downing a few drinks (beer, wine or vodka) before heading out on the town, ignoring the hidden emotions that plagued her.

At the time, Jess wasn’t aware that she was really insecure. She was generally, what appeared to be, happy most of the time. However, this was the mask she wore and something she had mastered very well.

But, deep down, she longed to be something else. Someone like the girls she would see, who were confident and strong in who they were. She wanted to be living the healthy life, loving herself, and not caring about what others thought of her…

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