How one daily affirmation can change your whole perspective

I never understood just how powerful daily affirmations could be until I actually put them into practice for myself. Now, I see them as one of the most important parts of healthy living – even before eating right and working out.


Because a healthy life starts from within, and daily affirmations help us build a positive mindset, which is ultimately the catalyst for driving positive changes.

Did you know on average a woman thinks over 70,000+ thoughts a day?! A DAY!!!

As someone who needs to constantly remind themselves to sloooow down their brain and take things one step at a time, I can most certainly vouch for this.

So, imagine if all those thoughts are laced with negative self-talk:

“Who do I think I am, I can’t do that.”

“I can’t be bothered.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“It’s too hard.”

“I wish I was skinnier/prettier/more confident.”

“There isn’t enough time in a day.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

“I look like a loser.”

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“She’s better than me, I could never do what she does.”


Just from those 10 thoughts alone, you can already see how much they can impact on your mood and your sense of self.

Now, imagine if you actively made an effort to shift those 10 thoughts to the positive:

“I’m strong, I can do this.”

“Once it’s done, it’s done and I’ll feel good about it.”

“I am good enough.”

“I can handle this, one step at a time.”

“I am me and that is my superpower.”

“I have plenty of time.”

“All I need to do is take the first step.”

“I’m doing my best, I’ve got this!”

“I’ll do it now and enjoy tomorrow.”

“She is frickin amazing! If she can do it, I can too!”


See how simply changing the way you speak to yourself can empower us to be, do, and believe in ourselves more?


How to create your own daily affirmation

When it comes to creating your own daily affirmation, my motto is SIMPLE IS BEST. If you start by focusing on one daily affirmation, you’ll begin to create a habit of more positive thinking.

For example, if TIME is your biggest stress or cause of negative self-talk then start with:

“I have plenty of time and I choose to prioritise what makes me happiest.”

Say this to yourself every morning when you wake up, when you make your cup of coffee, when you sit down at your desk to start work, when you go to the bathroom – say it as much as you can, whenever you can, and my girl, you’ll slowly start to notice just how much your mindset changes around the concept of time and how you prioritise the hours in your day.

Once you have created this habit and feel like you’ve mastered your first affirmation, then you can begin to move onto another area of your life you wish to improve and keep building from there.

Girl, you can become the absolute Queen of your own positivity, all you need to do is recognise that you’re in control of your own happiness and that only you hold the power to change your mindset.

Remember, these habits take time and you won’t see results overnight or in a week. The impact of affirmations can only be felt after months of practising and reciting them to yourself daily, and doing everything you can to stop negative self-talk in its tracks and actively embrace a more positive mindset.

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